Friday, June 14, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this?
A: It's a website for Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco, lady-writers extraordinaire. We'll be posting things sporadically - what we're up to, funny musings on everyday life, political views we mimic from Jon Stewart, that kind of thing. Maybe some kitten videos. I don't know. The pawssibilities are endless! Q: That was a really bad pun.
A: Yeah, well, that wasn't really a question. I guess we both failed at something today. Q: Who are you?
A: We're a lady writing team. We've been working for Nickelodeon's TUFF Puppy and Fairly OddParents but our time here is coming to an end. As we move closer to the nothingness that is unemployment we thought it'd be good to have a somethingness that is a website. We will nurture it, probably be really excited about it at first and do something with it, like, every day. Then once the initial excitement wears off we'll probably ignore it in favor of watching TV. It's kind of like having a kid. (Joanna: Lilly, baby, Mommy would totally pick you over TV. Most of the time.) Q: What's that smell?
A: Cupcakes or buttery caramel coffee. We usually smell like one or both.

Q: I like your faces.
A: Again, not a question, but I’ll let it slide this time because it was a compliment. Thank you! It was designed by Christopher Lee. He’s my boyfriend so he has to do nice things for me.  

Q: Why
A: It seemed like the most accurate and concise way to describe who we are. It also made us laugh to think that someone could feasibly think we meant "lady riders" and go to that website instead. They would get a very inaccurate idea of what it is we do. They'll either think we're a female motorcycling group or a male stripper company. But hey, whatever gets us jobs, right?

Q: Are you saying you guys are open to female motorcyclist and male stripper jobs?

A: Not really. It was a joke. We tend to joke around when we're nervous or bored or feel like we have to fill the silence. Heh heh. Puppy brothers.

Q: Right. Are we done here? I have a thing at 5.
A: Suresuresure. Get outta here so you can hobnob or picstagram...whatever it is kids do these days. Dr. Mario? Is that still a thing?

Welcome to our website!


  1. What's the best way to contact you ladies about a business matter?

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  3. How come Rarity didn't speak in "Celestial Advice"?