Thursday, June 27, 2013

Us in a nutshell

I just realized we don't have any photos of us that aren't flattering illustrations of our faces. It's not that we're dying to show our true selves to the world or anything (we're saving that for our bios), but in case you want to put a face to a name or know who you're target is, here we are:

Left to right: Joanna (pre-haircut), me (aka the Asian one), and Whitney (aka amazing).

That picture was taken at the Burbank mall (home of top notch world-renowned stores such as Tuxedo Junction, Elements of Earth, Back Lot Adventure, and Straight Talk Prepaid Wireless) last December. It was in a photo booth where you take the pictures and then "draw" on them after. Here are some of the other shots:

Yep, that's us! We don't normally have a rainbow over our heads or sparkles in our hands, but we're working on it.

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