Thursday, November 14, 2013

What Have We Been Up To?

Hey internet. It’s been awhile since we’ve last blogged and we don’t really have an excuse. But we have been doing things! Several things, in fact. Sometimes we do those things concurrently. Like eating Pirate Booty AND typing at the same time. It’s harder than you might think. You get a lot of crumbs on the keyboard if you’re not careful. #talent 

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing because the twelve people who read this are DYING TO KNOW! Or they’re just mildly curious.

Writing things

This blog is probably a bad example of it, but we’ve actually been writing a TON. We pretty much write every day. Since we’ve started this unemployment stint in July, we’ve taken maybe 5 days off from writing. We’re at each others’ houses every day just plugging away. This leads me to the next item…

Learning way too much about each other

There are no boundaries now. We start sentences with “this is probably an overshare” but we don’t really mean it. They’re empty words, like “don’t change who you are.” No one really means that. There’s something wrong with everyone, even Jesus. He smote a tree because it didn’t have figs on it. That was a bit of an overkill, amirite? Anyway, having spent sooo much time together, we now have an intimate knowledge of each others’ bathroom habits, bodily functions, snack choices, thoughts on makeup, awkward sexcapades, family disputes, deep seated emotional scars, and lotion preferences. It’s fun for us (we’ve almost perfected our Vulcan mind meld) but weird for our significant others.

Jesus smiting a tree

Learning about ourselves

Kristine: I’ve learned that I’m inherently a shorts person. If there was a way to wear jean shorts to the office and still look professional, I would totally do it. I tried classing it up by pairing jean shorts with a blazer, but I ended up looking confused as to what weather we’re having. I’ve also learned that I’m getting old because food is starting to affect me. Like, I have to watch my protein levels or I get lightheaded. And I can’t eat Frosted Flakes anymore because they’re too sweet! As the self-proclaimed VP of desserts and deliciousness, I never thought the day would come that something was too sweet for me. Getting old sucks. Luckily I’m not so far gone that I have to eat a lot of fiber or Activia, but that day might come sooner than I thought...

Jamie Lee Curtis for Activia!

Joanna: I’ve learned that I can not for the life of me do “plank” for a full minute. Also that my work out shorts were see-through.  That one was embarrassing.  Not so much on the day I learned it (only Kristine and Tony were around) but when I thought back on the past five years of wearing them in public. Giant Whoops. Oooh, I also learned that I am a big fan of heating pads. They really are hot little miracles for your body. Also I’ve learned that the more tired I am, the more unaware of spacial relationships I become.  I mean, I’ve always been clumsy. I always have bruises that I don’t know how I got.   So using this time of unemployment,  I’ve really tried to be aware of myself.   The other morning I was exhausted and getting Lilly ready for school and I walked into a filing cabinet, only to round the corner and miss the doorknob on the bathroom door, smacking my face against it. I thought, remember this moment so when your shoulder is bruised and so is your head you know why.  I don’t know what this knowledge does for me exactly.  But now I have it. I’ll figure out a use for it. Like a flower vase that someone gives you for your birthday.

Taking a UCB improv class

We took Improv 101 and it kicked our butts. But then we “yes and’ed” the hell out of that butt kicking and made it into a sketch. We learned a lot, embarrassed ourselves a ton, and sweated buckets. Joanna even had nervous farts the day of our graduation show and told that to the class, which was an indication of how nervous she was.  So as we’re sure you’ve guessed, we’re totally signing up for level 2!  We strongly recommend the classes! They’re a great way to meet new people who are like 10 years younger than you.  Honestly we think the median age might have been 22. Way to go funny young people. Shout out to Pam Murphy’s 101 Improv class!  We heart you guys!

Started doing Bar Method DVD workouts

Now truth be told, Kristine already has a pretty rockin’ body, so she agreed to pity workout with Joanna who was/is still pretty doughy.  We started doing the workouts about 2 weeks ago. We know we were gonna take parkour classes and we didn’t make good on that- but the truth is we were too lazy to drive that far away.  Sooo parkour - start classes in our area!   Back to the workouts,  Joanna is experiencing pain in new and unimagined ways, but she has managed to achieve the burgeoning of a bicep and a small line across the top of her abs indicating there is muscle under all that flab.  She’s very happy about that.  So thanks, Burr and Joey.  You know what you’ve done.  Joanna is starting to “look great in her blue jeans”.

Going on meetings

This is a very vague statement because it has to be and they are. Sometimes we meet with people for a reason, but most of the time we have “generals.” That’s just a fancy way of saying no one knows what that means. Usually it’s just us talking about ourselves and trying to get whoever we’re meeting with to laugh and follow us on Twitter. Sometimes we go on tangents and talk about Jem or superpowers for awhile. Sometimes it’s super awkward and we just stare at each other for 30 minutes. Just kidding. That hasn’t happened. Everyone loves us because we smell good and bring cookies! Actual compliment we got: “You should bring them back more often. They smell like fall.”

Eating, like, a barrel of Pirate Booty

Seriously, why is it so good? And they make it so fluffy that it doesn’t feel like you’re eating anything. It's like eating a cloud that's dusted in white cheddar and has the occasional hard corn piece.

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